Lesley Mullan

Years active in NCP

1991 – 2014


When, my daughter, Georgia was 6, her dad, Eamon and I took her to see the panto at the National Theatre. She saw all the kids on stage and said ‘I want to do that’. The following year, we took her again to see the panto and she said “I told you I want to do that!”  So, the following year, she auditioned and joined the kids’ chorus.

One Saturday morning, we went to Mary Epsom’s house near Rosslyn to get costumes for Georgia. Lots of mums were there and I overheard Mary Epsom saying “once you’ve tried that on, go and see Lesley, she’s in charge of childrens’ costumes.” What a promotion from sticking on sequins until your thumbs and fingers stuck together.

That’s how it all began and I organised many a shows’ costumes even though I cannot sew. We had a lovely Kenyan lady called Deborah who sewed while I organised and purchased or begged, borrowed or stole the necessary items

It was always great fun – not so much the picking up costumes at the end of the run. Sweaty and dirty and dumped but we still did it. Many a time with the help of Jenny Dunnet

And of course, the show must go on …… in the dungeon of the National Theatre, I went there on my own one afternoon, lighting was not good and I missed the last step. Ended up with torn ligaments and in plaster …. we had about three weeks to go until the show began… we made it. Costumes were all ready and the show was a great success

Eventually, we took all NCP costumes to the International School of Kenya where they still are today.