PD Bhadresa (1925 – 1993)

Years active in NCP

1960 – 1977

P.D. Bhadresa

Prabhulal Dayalji Bhadresa (PD) was born in Kenya in 1925. He took up the family and caste tradition of tailoring and set up a small studio on Reata Road, Nairobi where he made theatre costumes, designed by Mary Epsom, and ladies dresses.

PD married Labhu in the late 1940s and they had 3 boys. The family lived in a small, modest 2-bedroom place in Ngara, Nairobi. The eldest, Suman, helped PD with the making of theatre costumes during the run up of a play. For the first few nights of a performance they would also be in the theatre itself so they could make last minute alterations to outfits.

PD was a creature of habit. He liked to have a cup of tea and a cigarette in the Green Hotel not far from his shop.

The family started emigrating to London in the 1970s to try and get a better life, improve their financial situation, and provide a better education for the children. The first one to go was his second son, Kamal in 1973. Then followed PD’s wife Labhu in 1974 and Suman was next in 1975.  PD stayed in Kenya with his youngest, Raj, who he looked after until they both went to settle in London in 1977.

PD left his beloved studio of 20 years to settle down in London but he missed Kenya and went back for a short time but in the end he returned to London to be with the family.

After leaving Kenya, PD retired in London but continued to help Suman, who had bought a jewelry shop, to do errands. What he enjoyed most though was going to London’s West End for theatre matinees. He also loved a flutter on the horses.

He had health issues and died in September 1993, aged 68.