Nairobi, Kenya

15 December 2020

Dear Friends of Nairobi City Players,

As promised, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Nairobi City Players (NCP) archival website which is accessible at this link:

The purpose of the site is to preserve the institutional memory of NCP and establish a social network (Friends of NCP) of all those associated with NCP at different stages from 1956 up to 2017 when the company was finally closed after being operational for 51 years.

You can view the site on your desktop/laptop/tablet or on any mobile device. Please take the time to explore every menu option and see what’s there.  The current content available on the site represents the fruits of research undertaken from around mid-August up to late November 2020 during which time, content on over 90 NCP productions spanning a 33-year period from the 1960s up to the mid-1990s has been scanned of which 60 have been proofed, edited and made available online as a Mark.1 version of the site.

While 60 productions may not seem like a lot compared with the 150+ staged by NCP from 1956-2014, they all add up to 3,163 files totalling 12,106 MB (12 GB) so there’s quite a lot of content to view. These productions are presented under Past Productions and most of them have an extensive photo collection. This archive of productions is the major component of the website and will be presented in chronological order in due course. In addition, you will find information behind a few other menu items such as – memoirs, tributes, history, offstage, etc, and this area will continue to grow in parallel with our outreach efforts.

Although the site is rich in content much more work remains to be done, particularly on the 1956-1965 and 1997-2014 era of NCP, and also on published reviews of productions.  A plan will be put in place for 2021.  Meanwhile, the site will be updated periodically as new content becomes available so please keep checking the site to see what has been put online and keep an eye on Latest News for content updates.

We invite you to contribute to the NCP website initiative in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Search your family albums for old NCP photos and let us know what you have available;
  2. Write a memoir (1-3 pages) of your association with NCP;
  3. Write a tribute on an NCP stalwart who is no longer with us;
  4. Review the site for content gaps and suggest new content areas of potential interest;
  5. Spread the word around about the launch of this website;
  6. Contact others associated with NCP and help us to update the contact list;
  7. Assist us in fundraising to update and maintain the NCP website.

Kindly send us your comments via the online form available under the Contact button.

I would like to thank Mrs Mary Epsom for her unwavering support and guidance during this developmental phase. The team was granted access to her vast collection of NCP memorabilia covering five decades. Sincere thanks also to other contributors of content and to our small group of donors. They are listed under Acknowledgements on the website.  Nick Donne, assisted by Irene Jeffery, Gill Hines and others, has painstakingly tracked down over 100 NCP stalwarts scattered across the globe and has compiled an updated NCP contact list. Without their efforts you would not be receiving this email.

The technical team at Smart Web Kenya has worked long hours to ensure that the website met the launch deadline of today, Tuesday 15 December 2020, and I would like to thank Dean Achesa, Brian Obebo and their colleagues for making this happen according to plan.

Thank you and kind regards,


Gerard Cunningham

Project Manager of NCP website

Nairobi, 15 December 2020


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