Ring Round The Moon by Jean Anouilh was the third production staged by NCP in the National Theatre, 19-27 July 1957. The play was produced by Richard Moreton and the plot may be read here:


NCP founding member, John Ebdon, gave a ‘superb performance’ according to one newspaper critic – playing a dual role as the twins Hugo and Frederic.

Josiane Romano played the leading lady, Isabelle – a ballet dancer – who is manipulated by Hugo to break off Frederic’s engagement with an ‘unsuitable woman’ Diana (played by Gwyn Ashmore), who is secretly in love with Hugo.  The plot thickens!

The play was highly commended by all the local critics who were unanimous in their praise for Nairobi City Players maintaining the very high standards set by their first production – The Love of Four Colonels (November 1956) and their second production – The Man Who Came to Dinner (February 1957).



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