Building on the success of The Diary of Anne Frank (March, 1960), NCP planned a much more ambitious production the following September – a triple bill, no less – under the umbrella title, A Farrago, meaning ‘a confused mixture.’

The triple bill, which ran at the Kenya National Theatre from 16-24 September, was composed of

  • The Proposal (Anton Chekhov)
  • “Uneasy Lies the Head…” (from Shakespeare)
  • Red Peppers (Noel Coward)

and they were staged in the order shown.  Richard Moreton directed two and Robert Beaumont directed the Shakespearean offering, playing a main role as well.  Coward’s world of music hall and buskers certainly contrasted well with Chekhov’s farce and the tribulations of Richard III.

The critics liked the contrasting productions and praised the two directors for pulling off a challenging triple bill.  The players also turned in good performances and when the first night is a success, all involved knew that the rest of the run would go smoothly.

One gossip columnist, who attended on opening night, spoke highly of Mary Epsom’s “very pretty turquoise blue dress with the fashionable deep collar.” No doubt that Bryan looked good as well.


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