Phase 2 of the NCP website project has now commenced and work on the following tasks is already underway:

  1. Past productions from the 1956-1969 era of NCP are being scanned an uploaded.
  2. A comprehensive account of all Offstage activities is being written.
  3. Additional memoirs and tributes are being collected.
  4. Damaged front of house photos are being restored.
  5. A comprehensive list of everyone involved with NCP (1956-2014) is being compiled.
  6. The Friends of NCP group is being expanded.
  7. A History of NCP is being written.
  8. The website functionality will be improved with a search facility
  9. A second fundraising drive will be initiated.

Phase 3 of the project will address the post-1996 era of NCP when the players left the Kenya National Theatre and staged productions at other venues such as Muthaiga Country Club.  A special task force will be put in place for Phase 3.  The first priority will be to produce a comprehensive list of NCP productions from 1996 – 2014.


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